Redactar Anuncios Eficazmente    

¿Have you ever ask youself any of these questions?:

  • ¿How I can obtain that my announcements are leidos by but people?
  • ¿That to make to obtain a greater answer with my announcements?

The basic norms of which we must and we do not have do at the time of writing up an effective announcement are quite simple and clear. The best thing than I can say to him is that it is not needed to have no special knowledge to write a good announcement.

In order to begin, he will agree comingo in which so important or is more the form in which we say the things like which we must say. I will put an example to him. Lea the following classified announcement, perhaps most famous than has been written never, and will understand what I say to him:

Men for dangerous trip are needed. Small pay, lengths months of the complete dark, polar cold, constant danger, possibilities of returning safe and sound doubtful. Honor and recognition in case of Success.

This announcement was put in a newspaper to recruit men for one from the first expeditions to the North Pole. As it can see, the announcement does not seem to invite to the answer: It offers very little and it does not promise anything. Nevertheless, the amount of people who answered was incredible.

Like general norm, at the time of writing his announcement it thinks, not in which means, but in the result that it wants to obtain. In the previous announcement people with adventurous spirit looked for, with great capacity of suffering and sacrifice and whose main motivation was, not the economic benefit, but the social recognition.

Here she has basic norms, cradles in the experience of the great professionals of the publicity, to write up announcements and to obtain the wished result.

  • Centrese in the benefits that can suppose for the buyer, but that in the characteristics of the own product or service.

  • Think that the sera announcement leido by a person like you. Try to be personal and near. Think simultaneously about each one of the people who are going to read their announcement and not in all of them.

  • Put all his power of persuasion in Titulo: A good one I title can multiply by ten I number of people who read it.

  • The position does not repeat in the body of the announcement in I title. Take advantage of his space to the maximum.

  • It does not abuse expressions of reclamation like unique Occasion, extraordinary opportunity, the best supply, etc… unless they are certain.

  • It does not use expressions like total Free, we gave, etc… when they do not correspond with the reality. To feel deceived does not please to anybody.

  • It completes phrase of the announcement is his completes opportunity to obtain that the user answers his announcement. The best completions are those than they ask the user to do something.

  • Before publishing its announcement lealo, even lets pass minutes and returns to read it. Try to do it as if he was one of its potential clients.

The 2 of November of 1976 many readers of a periodic one were surprised completely when arriving at a page in target except by a date written in great letters. 2 of November of 1992. On the foot of the page aparecia in small letters a phrase that everybody leyo:

single to remember to him that, according to the statistics, if buys a Volvo today will have to change it in the given date. (16 years later)

Quiere to know as was the result of this announcement? That all the readers of periodic that day took the impression that Volvo is a car that lasts much. The announcement podria to have said much more (it occupied a complete page) but surely that people had remained with less.

¿Qué What causes that this announcement is so good?

  1. Obvious its originality
  2. The concision. Single it uses two phrases
  3. It focus in transmitting a single message "The reliability of Volvo"
  4. It is written in a simple language that everybody understands

Surely that to make this announcement was not easy, probably llevaria time to a group of professionals, but does not worry, in its case will not need to arrive at this level of "creativity".

Good, it is hour already to put hands to the work and to write nuestrto announcement. Remember that all the announcements published in anyone of the sections of the vestibule have three fundamental parts: I title, description and data of contact.

How to write a good Title

The title is very important so that it is first that the users read, If its reading does not call the attention of the reader the announcement is not successful, clear that. Then What we put in I title so that the reader wants to know more about which we offer?

  • I title it has to be short and clear and must have relation with the content of the announcement.

  • Include in I title the two or three more important characteristics or key words that they describe what announces. This is important so that when the users use a Classifieds Finder in Internet finds its announcement with facility.

  • It does not put deception, erroneous or that it takes to erroneous conclusions by inaccuracy, omission or similars.

  • It does not put his name or the one of his company in the title unless this really ej is known (eg. Marta A. Sanz P. sells Audi Quattro…” He can be really important for you but thinks that it says something to him to the reader?

Here it has some titles of put real announcements in the vestibule that more visits receive in each one of the areas:

Housing: Precious apartment of 1 bedroom with views to the sea. Sight but of 500 times in a month.

Autos: Land Cruiser 4x4. Few Very well taken care of km. Sight but of 600 times.

Businesses: Crossing academy of languages in operation by not being able to take care of. Sight but of 250 times

Computer science: Wendish Laptop Acer almost new Aspire, to need one greater capacity. Sight but of 200 times

Deportes: Wend Skis Carving Volkl Cx3 not to use. Sight but of 200 times

Trips and Tourism: It enjoys the best rural lodging in Tips of Europe. Sight but of 250 times

Jobs: Independent activity, all the provinces. Necessary nonexperience. Sight but of 150 times

Seems simple or simple to Him? Then they are but the effective ones. On the other hand, it has some titles of the announcements here less visitos:

Article sale What type of articles sells?

Capital Madrid East was the title of an announcement of sale of a floor.

Fast desire money . Too many announcements with I title similar and that do not correspond with the reality

Work from house . Too general and there are many announcements with that I title

Remember that there are certain “titles” that can cause that their announcement is visited by many people, but what really it interests to him they are people who can be interested in buying their product or service.

How to write a good Description

Here we must say to him to the person who reads the announcement the benefits that our product or service with the greater possible detail has, considering that the space which we have enough is limited.

  • Explain so that its product or service better or different is compared with the others of its same class.

  • Centrese more in the benefits than the user obtains that in the own characteristics of the product.

  • Speak directly to the person who is reading the announcement. Instead of saying “ideal for people whom they like to enjoy the field” it says "If it likes the field, this is ideal for you"

  • Include the reason for which it sells the product or it makes the Wendish supply “all the furniture of my house by labor transfer…”

  • If it can it offers some type of incentive: A discount, a gift, Wendish etc. For example “moto Yamaha 600… Gift helmet”

The last Phrase

Without a doubt nothing of previously done would be useful final S.A. we do not say to the person who is reading the announcement which must do if it is interested. From a simple one it to some of the following ones pongase in contact:

  • To create a certain sense of urgency to obtain answers quickly. For example “gift xxx if it calls before day xxxx”

  • You do not wait for more, can than tomorrow it is too much behind schedule.

  • Call now or you arrepiéntase all the life. For example "Wendish floor by transfer… calls now or arrepiéntase all the life"


It does not forget that “an image is worth more than thousand words.” So if it has, it includes an image next to the announcement.

The contact data

Verify the times that need that the contact data are correct. Remember that in it can include an email direction and two telephone numbers.

I already have my written announcement What I do now?

Mainly to verify that the announcement says what wants that it says. Lea it kindly putting itself in the place of the reader. And in addition that:

  • The phrases are short and easy to understand for a normal person.

  • It has put in the title or the body of the announcement the key words by which it wants that their announcement is encontado. Very important so that its announcement appears in the searches that the users make through Classifieds Finder

  • Its announcement is esccrito in a friendly tone and warm of the type "between us it would say to you that…"

  • That it fulfills the publication norms of the means in which is going to publish its announcement.

  • It does not fail to fulfill any of the points of the section “Which does not have to do”.

What it does not have to never do:
  • To put in the title deception, erroneous or that it takes to erroneous conclusions by inaccuracy, omission or similars

  • To use expressions that indicate or promote sexual discrimination, racial nun or any other vulneración of the fundamental rights and the liberties

  • To include violent or degrading content that infringe legal or prescribed norms, that attempt to the right to the honor and the personal privacy or that incorporate contents, messages or products

  • To use malsonantes, racist, degrading, sexistas insults, words, etc.

  • To announce or to urge degrading, racist, sexistas or illegal activities

  • To put the announcement repeated in the same section or an inadequate section.

To multiply until by 5 the answer to its announcements

Obvious if it emphasizes its announcement of the rest (emphasized in negrita or Outstanding) the results they can be multiplied up to 5 times.

Under no concept you must publish announcements that make reference to minors, or related to work, sex, prostitution, commerce or adoptions; illegal game; contraband; explosive material; black magic; sects; request or commercialization of organs; rent mothers… Any announcement that changes to sex by work or any other supply; any announcement related to violence and all announcement that treats on racial discrimination, sexual, religious or any other vulneración of the fundamental rights and the liberties recognized by the Spanish Constitution. Announcements that they induce or they urge to act of illegal form or take to erroneous conclusions by inaccuracy or omission, which they contain deception, that they infringe legal or prescribed norms on secret of the communications, intellectual property, right to the honor and the personal privacy, or that incorporate violent or degrading contents, messages or products.

In nos ocupamos permanentemente de la depuración de los anuncios publicados en el portal para que los usuarios que nos visitan encuentre lo que desean. Recuerde que esto va en su beneficio.

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